About Advokatfirmaet Eckhoff, Fosmark & Co. DA

Advokatfirmaet Eckhoff, Fosmark & Co DA was established in 1941. We represent businesses, public agencies and private individuals. We offer legal consulting and dispute resolution within the areas of business and personal law, as well as in criminal cases involving finance.

Our lawyers regularly argue cases in courts of justice and arbitration. Several of our lawyers also serve as arbitrators, teach at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, and regularly accept public speaking assignments from organizations like Juristens Utdanningssenter, the Norwegian Bar Association and other associations and organizations. Several of our lawyers also serve on a wide range of boards.

Our lawyers are experienced in a wide range of topics. We value a personal touch in our follow-up with our clients, and our lawyers work in teams, allowing the expertise and experience of each individual to be used for the benefit of our clients.

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